Saturday, November 17, 2007

Geneva (Illinois) Restaurants

Geneva, Illinois is a super cute little burg in the far west suburbs of Chicago. In addition to all sorts of nice shopping opportunities, it also has a number of great restaurants.

Niche probably has the most buzz outside of Geneva. It's a contemporary American menu with a fantastic domestic-only wine list. Niche is the reincarnation of 302 West, which I never had the chance to try before it closed. Amazingly enough they carried this tiny boutique Napa Pinot Noir from Arger-Martucci that we tried on a trip to California a year or two ago. The menu is accessible but very interesting and extremely well executed. It is already high on our list of special occasion restaurants.

Isabella's is a Mediterranean-influenced restaurant that is a great value with an interesting menu as well. Their foie gras parfait was inventive and delicious.

Stockholm's is a brew pub with the best bar food I've ever had — but their beer is kind of not great. We usually order a Stella with their excellent burgers and papas italiano (hand cut potato chips covered in bacon, prosciutto, green onions, tomatoes and an alfredo sauce).

More suburban restaurant reviews as time permits.