Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nouveau Southern Dinner Party

We enjoyed a small gathering last weekend of friends for appetizers and cocktails inspired by the South. We put our own twist on it, doing a duo of duos — two takes with modern twists — on Southern classics.

The menu was as follows:
  • Homemade Pimento Cheese Spread on Crostini (
  • Southern Pickle Platter: with pickled green tomatoes, okra and sweet petite gherkins
  • Double Oink Roll-ups: sausage balls wrapped in bacon and baked with a brown sugar and mustard glaze
  • Chicken Wing Duo: traditional spicy and Memphis Rendezvous barbecue style. Served with homemade buttermilk blue cheese dressing and crudit√© (
  • Duo of Deviled Eggs: avocado and cayenne eggs, as well as traditional made with sweet gherkins and garnished with smoked Spanish paprika
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes for dessert with Cream Cheese frosting (the beautiful cupcake liners are from Sutton Gourmet Paper I like Martha Stewart's recipe for the cupcakes and frosting.
  • Cocktails: A Drunken Arnold Palmer (made with Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and homemade lemonade) and an Alabama Sunset (made with brandy, prosecco and muddles blackberries and sugar)