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Limoncello recipe

Our favorite after-dinner drink, or digestivo, is easily the Italian Limoncello. This is easier to find in the States than it once was, but it is still generally found in specialty shops or larger liquor stores. Even then, most of what they have is not very good. Limoncello is relatively simple to make, but requires a little patience.


One bottle (750 ml) Everclear
One bottle (750 ml) vodka (I would recommend a decent bottle, like Smirnoff, but nothing too extravagant)
20 organic lemons

Four cups sugar
Four cups water

Wash the lemons in hot water and clean with vegetable wash (organic and nontoxic) and scrub vigorously.
Rinse. Lemon peels are how you create the drink's flavor and color, so it is important that the lemons are clean. I found the vegetable wash at Whole Foods for pretty cheap (less than $3). I've found that nearly every lemon sold in a store is coated in food wax. You need to remove this wax as much as possible before you peel the lemons. I looked everywhere for lemons without wax (Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, local markets) without success.

Peel the lemons (retaining the peels for later) being sure not to peel any of the white part under the peel, otherwise known as pith.
Peeling is another key step. It is very easy to get the pith when peeling. You'll inevitably get some while you're peeling, but if you keep it at a minimum, you should be OK. The pith creates a bitter finish to the limoncello that you want to avoid. We used a super sharp, large-size vegetable peeler to get the peels off. Keep the peel in long strips to make it easier when you strain later. You can use a sharp knife if you're not afraid of losing a thumb. I've heard of others using a zester for this step, but I've found that to be prohibitively tedious, especially if you're doing a double batch, like I did with the last batch.

Put the lemon peels in a large glass container with the vodka and everclear.
I found a great, huge container at CostPlus World Market. Pier 1 has good containers, too. A suntea container could work, but the spigot leaked on the one I got from Jewel. Note: Some people will use only Everclear and some only vodka. I've found that a mixture is the best recipe. You're not so over the top alcoholic by using the Everclear, and vodka alone can be too low in the alcohol content, resulting in a limoncello that freezes in the freezer — which is where it is ideally kept. The higher alcohol content of Everclear prevents it from being diluted to the point where it freezes.

Swirl the lemon peel and alcohol mixture together daily in the jar.

This step can last for as little as two weeks or up to four months.
The longer you leave the peels in contact with the alcohol, the more yellow and lemony your limoncello will be. After two weeks, you'll likely get a limoncello as good as anything you can buy in a store for $20 or so. A little longer will get you the type of limoncello that you can find only in Italy in small shops on the Amalfi Coast (and on Capri) or in the freezers of Italian grandmothers throughout the country.

After you get to the point where you're ready to finish the limoncello, remove the bigger peels with a slotted spoon.
If you want to be especially frugal with your mixture, like I am, remove the peels to another container so that the "drippings" can be poured back into the larger container.

Once you've removed the bigger peels, you need to strain the entire mixture through coffee filters to remove as many of the impurities as possible. You can do this by putting the filters into funnels and straining that way. Note: If you pre-wet the filters with water, they won't absorb as much of the liquor mixture, reducing waste.

Meanwhile, you can be working on the sugar syrup. Mix the sugar and water. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Let boil for at least seven minutes.

Let syrup cool to room temperature, then combine with lemon-alcohol mixture.

At this point you can bottle using funnels. You should ideally let the limoncello "marry" together for a week in the bottle before consuming, but no one's going to fault you if you sneak a taste or two.

If you think that you're going to be making limoncello, start holding onto bottles, especially interesting, decorative ones. Limoncello makes a great gift that's homemade. If you want to stretch your limoncello stash and still spread the love, get miniature decorative bottles with swivel tops from Cost Plus World Market and fill those as the gift. You generally get two good shots from the bottle. My friend, Ed, and his wife gave these as wedding favors, which is the best idea ever. My pockets were full when I left the reception.


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SPN said...

Well, I'll be danged if this isn't the best and most detailed recipe for limoncello I've seen. Much better than the big recipe websites. I like the details about the wax on the lemons which I wouldn't have thought of.

Anonymous said...

What a great site. I just discovered it. It's so well designed and the color choice for the site is perfect. And for those of us who love Italian everything, this site is perfect for us as well. Buona fortuna

Ami said...

This is what we plan to do for our wedding favors! I am trying to find decorative bottles similar to the swing top bottle you show on your blog... where can i buy them? i looked at the cost plus world market but couldn't find any...

Jeff & Natalie said...


I would try calling a few different Cost Plus World Markets to see if other stores might have the little decorative bottles. I've been in several that had these in different shapes, so they did seem somewhat ubiquitous for the chain. Otherwise, Pier 1, or other home stores (Bed/Bath, Linens & Things, Container Store, etc.) might have it. IKEA had bigger swing top bottles that were cool, but that's probably not what you're looking for. Crate & Barrell may carry something like that in some of their stores too.

Good luck. It is a really cool wedding favor, especially if you're doing an Italian theme.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, but be careful.......
My neighbors and I all had hangovers this weekend.......

BJ said...

Ok, I'm going to try out this recipe...just had some homemade limoncello last night and was amazing. Now I want to try and make long would you recommend I leave the mixture sit for and can I use a cheese cloth to strain the mixture or would the coffee filters work best?

BJ said...

Ok, I'm going to try out this recipe...just had some homemade limoncello last night and was amazing. Now I want to try and make long would you recommend I leave the mixture sit for and can I use a cheese cloth to strain the mixture or would the coffee filters work best?

Anne-Marie & Padraig said...

This recipe is fantastic! One friend could not stop sipping and smacking her lips with a big smile. We tripled the recipe with 60 lemons from our California back yard tree. We found small decorative bottles from Michaels Craft Store for .99 cents each for favors at our next Lemon Party. The recipe is not too sweet and not too strong...perfect. Thanks!

Gregory said...

Do not, repeat, DO NOT ever use vodka. Period. If the lemoncello is too forte, add a little water! EVERCLEAR ONLY!!!!!

Jeff & Natalie said...

Glad the recipe is helping people out.
BJ–When it comes to letting the mixture marry together, at least eight weeks is best, but longer imparts more flavor and deep yellow color. I don't think a cheesecloth would make that much of a difference in the straining. The coffee filters did give it a nice "professional" look, but other than that, minor impurities probably just give your limoncello more street cred.
Greg–I stand by the vodka/everclear mix. The vodka softens the harshness of everclear without truly "diluting" it. Although, mama always did say there was more than one way to skin a cat.

Charles said...

Had limoncello today for the first time. Olive Garden has a LIMONCELLO LEMONADE on the menu. It is a compination of Caravella Limoncello, Smirnoff Citrus Vodka, and lemeonade, serve over shaved ice.
That was good stuff.

Charles said...

Had limoncello today for the first time. Olive Garden has a LIMONCELLO LEMONADE on the menu. It is a compination of Caravella Limoncello, Smirnoff Citrus Vodka, and lemeonade, serve over shaved ice.
That was good stuff.

Jenna said...

I am making Limoncello following your great recipe. My bottles came from the link above, and they have some great swivel tops. The jar my mixture is sitting in right now is from Cost Plus (like you suggested).
I really wanted to use the everclear, but it is illegal in Chicago!

Audrey said...

Two thoughts:

First, I tried using my apple/potato peeler on the lemons and it works just fine (, you can unscrew and remove the corer/slicer), as long as I started them carefully, supported the lemons from the bottom (they aren't as firm as apples and needed some help standing up to the peeler), and cut off the bottoms before I spiked them if they were too pointed (to give the spikes a deeper grip). I'd estimate, even with peeling off what was missed from the tops and bottoms by hand, this saved me an hour.

Second, try using a jelly bag for straining ( They are used for this same purpose when making jelly, so they strain well and usually come with a stand so you can dump the limoncello in and wander off.

Love the recipe! Can't wait to try out our first batch!

Anonymous said...

Is there any use for the leftover drenched lemon peel? could you maybe process it in the food processor and use it for baking?

Karen said...

what happens to all that lemon pulp? Just throw it away? I thought it went IN the drink.

Jeff & Natalie said...

I glad to see so many people getting use out of this recipe and drinking limoncello.

Karen: We made a huge batch of lemonade with the lemon juice and pulp (and saved some for other recipes that weekend). The limoncello gets its color and flavor from the lemon peels steeping in the alcohol.

Anonymous: I always say nothing ventured nothing gained on trying to use the leftover peels after they have steeped. However, it was my experience that much of the color had left the peels and they would be saturated in fairly intense alcohol, so I would try a smaller application before committing to using the leftover peels in a complicated recipe.

Charles: I'm sure the limoncello cocktail was nice, but I find that good limoncello doesn't need to be cut and should be enjoyed straight from the freezer. Caravella isn't that great of a limoncello, which is what prompts so many of us to make it ourselves.

Demetra said...

Am about to start my first batch of limoncello and have a couple questions:

1. Once you mix the everclear with the water/sugar mixture and bottle it, can you put it in the freezer or do you have to leave it at room temperature for the first week and then freeze?

2. My husband mentioned that when the everclear and lemons are fermenting that I cannot put a lid on the jar as it might blow the lid off - should I just cover it with saran wrap and punch a few holes in it with a toothpick?

Thanks so much for your help and your wonderful recipe!

Natalie said...

We've never had any problems with the lid blowing off the mixture of lemon peels and alcohol -- but as another post mentioned earlier the Everclear sold in the Chicago area is regulated by local laws and is not as strong as it is in other parts. I still don't think that should be a problem, though.

MDT said...

Jeff & Natalie,
thank you all so much for this incredible recipe. I started this back in July and now 4 months later I have an incredible batch of lemoncello just in time for the holidays! Your recipe is one of the best I've found.

Natalie said...

For Demetra,
I also meant to tell you that I think the last stage of the recipe is probably better kept out of the freezer. I don't know if chemistry proves me right, but to me room temp would be a better way for the flavors to mellow in harmony.


Marion said...

I'm here from Sheila's blog. Just wanted to tell you this is the best recipe yet for Limoncello. And you're frugal chefs, which I love!

Thank you for posting it, it is a great idea for gifts for Christmas, one which I shall suggest to my daughter, since I don't drink. It's also extremely well written!

Say hello to Granddog!

Demetra said...

Thanks so much for the advice Natalie! I wound up finding this wonderful jar yesterday and am going to start cleaning the lemons once I'm done with this post. I'll come back once the batch is done and let you know how it came out.

Merry Christmas!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the recipe. Got to you via a link in a post on the Alabama Kitchen Sink blog. As a vodka fan it is just perfect for me :)

italian boy said...

I cant wait to try this recipe for myself. My grandmother lives in italy and she sends me limoncello whenever she gets a chance,this will save her the hassle of sending it.

andrea said...

would you consider sell already made?

Anonymous said...

The alcohol proof is important. In Florida it's 153, in Colorado it's 190 and you have to adjust the simple syrup to get a consistent taste and "kick". Also the bigger the batch the easier it is to blend and make adjustments.

Frankie V

helen coker said...

Hi Demetra,

don't worry about the bottle exploding - you're not fermenting anything (like you'd do in turning grape juice into wine or making beer for example), you're just leaching the lemon flavour from the peel into the spirits!
In fermentation yeast turns sugars in the juice/mash into alcohol with a byproduct of carbon dioxide, which can lead to explosions in sealed containers.
I'm definitely going to try this next time vodka is on special!

Anonymous said...

Do you know a recipe for a drink with the Limoncello and Basil, like a Mojito? They have it at Bucca Di Beppo and it is delicious.

Amanda said...

With the recipe above, how many 250ml bottles do you think it would yield?

Jeff & Natalie said...

Glad to see all the comments for our Limoncello recipe. With all recipes it's fun to try to different ratios of the ingredients to get the best mix. The comment on the alcohol content of Everclear was a good one. I've tried limoncellos made with all Everclear and those made with just vodka and they tend to either be too weak with just vodka or too harsh with just Everclear. Finding that balance is the key to a good limoncello that you can sip on a warm summer evening.

Amanda, as to your question of yield, I'm pretty sure the recipe would get you about 13 250 ml bottles.

I haven't had Buca di Beppo's Limoncello cocktail but it does sound interesting. I've heard of people using grappa to make cool cocktails too. Another Mojito-like drink we like is the Caipirinha, a lime, sugar and Cachaca drink that's well-loved in Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Jeff and Natalie: thanks for this. Do you think there's any harm in using a plastic container (got mine at Target; the CPWorld Markets vary in quality around the D.C. area.)

Anonymous said...

What do I do with a patch of Limencello that tasts like it has pith in it? I think that this came about because after we poured the Limencello thur the cheesecloth we squeezed the lemons and therefore we have bitter Limencello. What should I do not? My recipe that I used was the 80 day one.

Jeff & Natalie said...

wichitburger: I don't think that there's a big problem with the plastic container. I like the glass for appearances and for gifting. However, I did put one batch in a nagalene bottle and put in the freezer.

As to the question of the bitter batch of limoncello, I think there's a few things you could do. You could make a new batch and blend it to smooth out the flavors without watering down the alcohol content. Otherwise, you could try adding more simple syrup. This might affect the alcohol content and therefore you might not be able to keep it in the freezer, but this would likely mellow out the bitterness and add a little sweetness.

Anonymous said...

working on our limoncello now, how much should this batch yield? We have followed the recipe exactly except we added a fifth of everclear along with the vodka, thanks

Kay said...

I love the recipe & all the hints on this page. I share the concern that Jeff & Natalie mentioned, that using just vodka (I have never heard of Everclear) along with all that water, it might be too weak. I'm wondering why the water couldn't be cut way back. Has anyone tried that?

Anonymous said...

I just finished my product after it's 4 months in the closet....can't wait for the 2 week marriage.

Wanted to share what helped me.....used a fine, gold coffee filter, the kind you can use forever. Don't drink coffee often so the filter should be ok.....was easy straining. I used lots of bowls, etc to mix but smells like it will be worth it.

How long does it last in a sealed bottle,corked wine bottle and glass carafe with plug????

Any help thanks, also what are the proportions of booze to syrup....I just put all in??

Anonymous said...

Bormioli Rocco Glass Company makes perfect bottles for limoncello.

Anonymous said...

We had limoncello in Levanto, Italy recently and would love to make it at home. Your recipe sounds great, but we don't have a lot of refrigerator or freezer space. Does this require freezer or refrigeration or is that an option? I thought I would start by making just half of a batch. Love all the comments!

Chris said...

I'm giving your recipe a try here in Papua New Guinea, except I am using coconut homebrew (instead of everclear and vodka) and about a million local lemons which are smaller than walnuts. It may not be totally authentic, but it's smelling good already.

Jeff & Natalie said...

I would love to know how that goes. Sounds exotic and intriguing. I think that's the beauty of the recipe is that it could work with any kind of citrus. I wonder if a Buddah Hand-cello recipe would turn out well ... Natalie

Jeff & Natalie said...

About the fridge and freezer space. I think you can store it elsewhere, but it tastes so much better cold. I don't know if it would really spoil, per se, because of all the alcohol. But, maybe you can beg friends to keep a bottle in their freezers for you and then you can just hop over there to enjoy some with them. That would be fun and practical ... Natalie

ygrace said...

You don't see this much detailed info on the 'net much. Thanks so very much fer being on the money. I modified your recipe using limes instead of lemons and vodka alone since Everclear is not sold in NY. Luverly, luverly!!

Anonymous said...

The only thing that pre-wetting the filters will do is water down the final result. As soon as you start filtering the alcohol will replace the water in the filter.

natalie said...

Maybe a stupid question but why can't you add the simple syrup with the lemon peels and let it infuse that way together? If you did this then you could make the simple syrup with the strained lemon juice adding that much more lemony flavor right? I realize this is not the traditional way but would it work?

Anonymous said...

Is the mixture pretty harsh when you first add the simple syrup? Ours seems to be but I'm wondering if it will mellow out much by just sitting around for the next week or so. Any ideas?

Mika said...

Forget the Everclear (neutral high proof spirit), forget the Vodka - this is Lemoncello - ya gotta use da Grappa else ya only maka da crappa :-)

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to leave a bit of the rind in the finished vessel? Like a decorative touch?

nhnoblitt said...

i would say that as good as limoncello is, you would not want to waste grappa making it. It is far too expensive and a taste all it's own. Save grappa for savoring on it's own. there's no reason to use it for using it in this recipe.

Anonymous said...

What is the % alcohol of the final lemoncell. Great recipe use for christmas eve 7 fishes dinner. Everyone always loves it, two shots makes it a very Merry Christmas.

jtmaly said...

My family and I spent some time this summer in Italy. We tried our first Limoncello in Rome, but were taken with the Limoncello "factory" shops outside of Naples, and elsewhere. We tried this recipe on a lark, and were very pleasantly surprised. This is EXACTLY the Limoncello we fell in love with, and will make it again and again. This is the real deal, people! We let the alcohol and lemon peel mixture "cure" for 3 months, and it was absolutely perfect! We are enjoying the product for Christmas, and are already contemplating starting a second (double) batch to be ready in early spring. Thanks for this great memory!

Anonymous said...

I made some limoncello with a differnet recipe and it is not sweet enough (it called for much less sugar than this recipe). Do you kow if I can make some more sugar water and mix it with the limoncello or if I would have to start over now?


Jeff and Natalie said...

Thank you for all the great feedback on the limoncello recipe. We're still enjoying the last of our big batch from quite some time ago.

To the question of sweetness, without knowing if you did the everclear/vodka combo or just vodka, you should be able to add additional sugar syrup (you do need to make it into a syrup). The only potential negative would be that if you store it in your freezer, diluting the mixture might mean that the freezing point is raised and it would freeze. If this happens, just keep it in the fridge.

To jtmaly, glad that the recipe brought you back to bella Italia. I too have many fond memories of Rome and the Amalfi Coast.

Anonymous said...

Found this last year and made a extra large batch. WONDERFUL!!!! I let mine steep for 4 months and then steep with the sugar syrup for 1 month. Excellent! I decant it into regular commercial bottles and store them in my pantry, then pour into smaller bottles to put into the freezer as needed. Seems to be fine.
I found perfect Limoncello (actually called that) bottles at World Market. They are glass and have red glass-topped corks. Beautiful presentation for a gift.
Thanks so much for giving all of us such great instructions...we do enjoy the "fruits" of our labors.

Shane said...

Fantastic recipe! We made a huge batch and between gifts & entertaining, we're on our last bottle. My husband has been bugging me to get a second batch going and we've had a lot of friends say that they can't wait to have this is our backyard this summer (we live in northern Canada so we always look forward to summer...18 hours of sunlight is much better than the 6 we are getting now!). I have a feeling we're gonna go through a lot of lemons! THANKS!!

Nau-Dee said...

I've had limoncello in Germany as well as in Italy and its wonderful. Tonight a friend shared some homemade limoncello she got for an Xmas gift and it was really good...but not as strong liquor as in Italy.
I love your post am so excited to make it and surprise my husband with it.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great Recipe! I altered this due to the inavailability of everclear.

Things I learned were: Use 100 proof Vodka (works well) - 1500 ml.

Cut the water in half (2 cups).

Don't zest the peels - it will take forever to filter.

Excellent recipe. Thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

Will I be able to make this recipe with just the Smirmoff?
I am in New Zealand and NO one here seems to know what I Everclear is, what I can substitute it with, or be of much help. The Proofs are not written on our bottles either. I believe the brand Absolut vodka is 80 proof. I have the Smirnoff blue label not the red label purley because it had the higher alcahol percentage of 53%. I didn't really now the difference I am not an alcahol drinker but I do love limoncello and the stuff they sell here is not a patch on the real thing in Italy so desperation dictates I make my own but the quest is stopping short of a bottle of Everclear, and Grappa isn't sold here either just to cover that option. Greatful for any feed back. Limoncello Lover

Anonymous said...

New Zealander,

To answer your qs in order, yes, you can make it with just vodka and, 2, 53% alcohol would be approx 106 proof, so you are all set with the Smirnoff Blue label!

Good luck!

Everett said...

Trying your limoncello recipe also--but adding 4 limes peels for fun.

Anonymous said...

I use the used lemon peel to make candied lemon peel. You can find recipes, but basicly you bring to boil with water 5 min. and strain, repeat 3 times. Then simmer in simple syrup 5 min. Dry on wire rack then coat well with sugar. I put sugar in ziplock bag and shake. Store in air tight container.

Elizabeth said...

Molto Bene! I have been looking for a good recipe to try, as my homegrown, pesticide free, waxless lemons are ripening. I first tried it on a trip to visit my daughter who was living in Rome and fell in LOVE! I can't wait to get started!

Anonymous said...

My friend suggested adding a few sprigs of Lavendar during the final step. WONDERFUL!

Anonymous said...

Shelley Says....

If you need bottles with corksall sizes,for your self or gifts try Oak Barrel Winecraft on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley, CA.
Phone is 510-849-0900. As of 2/09 the cost was very inexpensive.

Eileen said...

Just found your website. I'm into day 40 and have added the syrup which I didn't boil, just heated thourgly to melt the sugar. Will this change the end product?

Anonymous said...

I started batches of lemon and orange 'cellos before I discovered this site. In mine, I'm using 100-proof vodka (no Everclear in PA)with 1:1 simple syrup -- 6 cups vodka+4/1/2 cups syrup. I'll be straining/blending in about two weeks.

I also have an experimental batch using grapefruit, hoping that the tartness/sweetness will have a good balance.

nhnoblitt said...

I like the ideas of adding a few limes, trying orange and grapefruit peel. The lavender sounds very sophisticated! We are working on another batch of this limoncello recipe right now and are hoping to have it ready in time for the holidays.

On another note. Has anyone tried that Tuscan Lemonade that is being sold commercially? I wondered if it was anything like limoncello or was just another fake trying to jump on the trend. I'm not willing to pay to find out. ha!

demigiggles said...

Hi, i am making my first batch from the Foodnetwork, and I left a little of the pith on it. it is a bit bitter. I have only been steeping it for 7 days so i was wondering what i should do. Should I just add more sugar? can I let it steep longer, with the simple syrup and the rinds still in it? thanks

Anonymous said...

I steeped my lemons for 3 months and the color is a lot darker than I expected, more golden than lemon. Should I be concerned? When I added the sugar syrup, it really didn't change the color or clarity. I did filter the alcohol through coffee filters. Any idea about the color?

nole62 said...

Love this recipe!! Thanks for sharing. Have now made 2 batches and all are waiting for this year's batch. I have planted a Meyer lemon tree and it only has 8 lemons on it, thanks to a raccoon!! Can I peel them as they ripen and freeze the lemon peel to use when they have all ripened?

Thanks again for sharing this great recipe and all the hints. Others I looked at only had the rind setting in the liquor for a month. Kinda weak I would think. Thanks

Anonymous said...


The simple sugar mix shouldn't be mixed with the steeping lemons until after a 'cure period'. You skipped a huge step, never mind the recommendation is to allow the lemon peels to steep for a minimum of 60 days!

Beyond all this, limoncello is supposed to be a little bitter, that is why it is for sipping. The vodka version is smoother, however.

streetdebauch said...

I'm trying to shorten my time frame for making cello a bit. How effective do you think adding extra lemon peel would be in shortening the time span for the first step? I know I should have patience, but I procrastinating making my batch for xmas..

Sandy said...

I started this in August and just bottled it today. I doubled the recipe. It is a deep gold in color and smells fabulous! I wish I didn't just have to throw all those peels away. I just also made candied lemon peels and were eyeing them before I threw them out - but I'm sure all the lemons goodness is the liquor now!!
thanks for a great recipe

Jeff and Natalie said...

Thanks again for all the great feedback. Glad that this limoncello recipe, which has served us so well, is helping others enjoy the lovely after-dinner drink. In my experience the time is the secret to a deeper lemon flavor and golden color. Doubling up on the rinds, although you would need to still have enough liquor to cover, may help shorten the steeping time, but I stand by the longer the better. We're just finishing a double batch that was begin in August and it is a very deep yellow and smells awesome. It will be ready for limoncello tiramisu for New Year's Eve (from Lidia's Italy).

nhnoblitt said...

Now is the time to make a New Year's resolution to make limoncello. Use this limoncello recipe and your refreshing yellow goodness will be ready for cool summer sipping! Love the recipe for the tiramisu from Lidia. Hard to go wrong cooking from her book.

Sheila said...

That recipe for the tiramisu is so good--almost a reason in and of itself to make the limoncello. I can attest to the final result!

HappyWino said...

What strength of Everclear do you get out there, here in CA we can only get the 150 proof, are you using that or the 190 that some other states have access to?

Jeff and Natalie said...

Good question Happy Wino. I was aware of the differing alcohol percentages by state. Based on the recommendation from one of the employees at Binny's here in Chicagoland, I used a new liquor in place of Everclear in the latest batch of limoncello. Spirytus Rektyfikowany (Retified Spirit) from Polmos is 96 percent alcohol, or 192 proof. This product of Poland certainly delivered more bang for the buck. If you can only get 150 proof, I might only use that and not cut the alcohol level with straight vodka, like Smirnoff. If you're going to keep it in the freezer, which I highly recommend, 80 or 90 proof isn't going to be enough to prevent the limoncello from freezing. Anyway, good luck and I hope you enjoy the fruits of the recipe.

Anonymous said...

A friend made a batch of limoncello recently and she was disappointed in the taste. She asked me about it and I found it to be kind of flat in taste. It had the bitter edge, but no brightness to the lemon, and a little too sweet. What affects the brightness, or perhaps the sour, in the limoncello?

Jeff and Natalie said...

That's too bad your friend's limoncello didn't turn out. What recipe did she use? How long did she let it "steep" with the lemon peels? In terms of color and depth of lemony brightness, the longer you steep, the better. Another key to the recipe is avoiding the white pith, which imparts an undesirable bitterness. If I had to guess, the problem was not letting it steep long enough. Good luck next time!

Tony & Chandra Grant said...

We used your recipe last year for the lemons off of our Meyer lemon tree and it was fabulous!

This year we quadrupled the recipe...zested 170 lemons, oh my!

However, we used a plastic beverage container (didn't have a large enough glass container).
The acid from the lemons, I guess, ate the plastic and left a plastic chemical flavor in our limoncello.

Lesson learned! Don't use plastic, very bad!

Anonymous said...

I really like the Limoncello, the recipe was easy and clear. I'm not a sweet liquor kinda-gal, is there a way to make the flavor more lemony and less sweet. I will adjust the sugar amount with the next batch but for now any suggestions? P.S. The friends lucky enough to get it as a gift LOVE it!!!! Thanks.

nhnoblitt said...

Did you hear that San Fran is trying to outlaw restaurants making their own limoncello without special permits? More reason to make your own at home!

Patrick said...

Another helpful hint:
I've also made some home brew (beer) and it's common to use a "grain bag" for steeping the grains prior to boiling the beer batch. I used one of these bags, which you can buy at any home brewing store, to drain the limoncello mix. It's perfect. It takes out the rinds without having to spoon them out, and all the liquid mix goes into the container. Then, you can add the simple syrup.

We've always made a double batch. Since I have a lemon tree in my yard, we don't have to wash off any wax.

One very good chef, who runs a cooking website, told me of a method where she doesn't peel the lemons. She washes them and steeps the booze in with whole lemons. Has anyone tried this?

Jeff and Natalie said...

Patrick, That's an awesome hint on the grain bag to strain the mix. I haven't heard of anyone doing the lemons whole. While that would seem to save a ton of time (which great chefs probably don't have a ton of), but the two things that would give me hesitation is that the container would have to be much bigger because of the displaced volume being that much greater and also I wouldn't waste all that lemon juice. When we make a big batch of limoncello with this recipe, I always make lemonade, lemon meringue pie, and avolgemono soup or try out new recipes that call for lemon juice. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has tried the whole lemon approach and how it turned out for them? The juice would be unusable after steeping, right? Also, I'm envious of your lemon tree and not having to wash the wax. I have the feeling that lemon trees wouldn't do so well with Illinois winters! Thank you for the feedback.

Anonymous said...

started my batch on march 8th any one try orange or grapefruit or anything else thanks and just wanted to say thanks for the recipe Anthony

Patrick said...

Jeff- my limoncello making partner had the same concerns about using whole lemons. Seems like the benefit is not having to peel them, but I don't think you can get 20 whole lemons to sit in 1.5 litres of booze.
The grain bags worked like a charm, and they're sold at any home brewing store. We've gotten bottles at Cost Plus world market, and at Michael's Arts & Crafts store.
We've used this recipe four years now, and we love it. All our friends love it, and they make great party favors.
I haven't tried making this with oranges yet, but we're planning to do just that. I was wondering if the fruit could be washed, cut in half and then soaked in the booze mix. You'd never do that with lemons, but with oranges, or tangelos, maybe? I think we'll just peel them first and see how that works!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how their other 'cellos (lime, orange, grapefruit, etc.) have turned out? I am 3 weeks into my very first batch. So excited! I gave it a swirl this morning... smells like Amalfi!
Does anyone not remove the lemon peels before adding the sugar syrup? Looking forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

Just a couple of comments:

The whole lemon idea isn't really all that economical, as the reduced exposure of the whole lemons will be about 50% of that of the peeled. Compare this to the wine makers that barrell wines is smaller barrells in oprder to increases the surface size of the oak exposure to the wine.

Also, I have been making mine at close to 80 proof using the 1500 ml 100 proof vodka and reducing the the water to 2 cups when making the simple sugar mix. I haven't had any problems with it freezing and have done it this way for a couple of years now.

Ciao! Frank

Sharon GR said...

Every single year, I make up a batch of this stuff. Thanks for the detail in your recipe; it makes all the difference!

Anonymous said...

I recently had lemoncello, but it was milky sort of like a merangue color. What would do this?

Anonymous said...

Okay, we made a batch of Tangelocello, if that's what you call it. Early results are that it's very good!

We used the same recipe as Jeff's Limoncello recipe, but substituted the rinds of 20 Tangelos. We're fortunate to have a Tangelo tree in the back yard, but I'm sure that Oranges would yield a similar result.

We did the minimum batch. 750 ml Vodka (Smirnoff), 750 ml Everclear, 20 Tangelos peeled without pith. Soaked the minimum, just 3 weeks, then added the simple syrup, bottled and tasted it two weeks later. There's usually some change as it ages, but it's very tasty!

TechWriter said...

As for the whole lemon idea, it's the interior of the peel that the flavor is pulled from. The exterior is sealed by nature (you don't get much lemon flavor when you lick the outside). It isn't so much that you're doubling the peel's surface area as you are slicing the oil glands to let all the lemony goodness out.

BTW, I received a bottle of lime-cello. I'm not sure if it is the same recipe, but it is just as delicious as the lemon version.

natalie said...

Both the lime- and tangelo-cello sounds delicious. I'm not sure what would make the limoncello a milky color, it wasn't a hybrid drink that has creme in it was it? Thanks to all who enjoy this post on our limoncello recipe!

Anonymous said...

I have made lemoncello a lot and this is a great recipe. I couldn't bear to throw away the lemon peels once the lemoncello was done - so I froze them. They are wonderful to add back to a glass of lemoncello.

Anonymous said...

so when im making it in the big container i leave in the fridge? or outside?

PDM said...

Using this recipe what would be the final alchol content?

Tigerdog1 said...

When your batch is being made, just leave it in a cool, dark place at room temperature. Rotate it every day until you take the rinds out.

Good question about the alcohol content. You could guess, though I'm not sure, that an equal mix of 150 and 80 proof would give you 115 proof booze. Figure another 750 ml (or one third) simple syrup. So you should be about 75- 80 proof, but then I believe the sugar also turns to alcohol, so I don't know how to calculate that. It's just good!

Anonymous said...


I was wondering if anyone had a blood orange recipe similar to this to make a liquor?

Anonymous said...

I've used hops bags from my home brewing supplies to steep the lemon peel in. It makes it a bit easier to strain (use more than one).
I've also made this with oranges, and it's awesome with raspberries. I used a whole container of fresh raspberries, but everything else is the same.
If you use food grade plastic container (your local food store will give them to you if you ask) you should have no problems

Anonymous said...

TigerDog, sugar doesn't convert to alcohol unless yeast is present. That is the actual fermentation process but will not happen under this experiment unless you present yeast into the equation and warm to 70 degrees for several days. Of course, that would ruin the taste and the purpose of the sugar solution - right?

Anonymous said...

just made limoncello. The peel has been used to make white chocolate limoncello truffles so delicious and fragant.

John said...

I think I may be able to add some useful concepts. 1) When extracting dry plant material it is fine to use lower potency alcohol because the cell walls are already broken down in the drying process. When extracting fresh plant materials, however, higher potency alcohol is better because you want the osmotic gradient to be high enough to cause the cells to lyse, to explode and release their contents. With that in mind, beginning the extraction of the lemon zest in everclear for a week or so before you add the vodka may well give you a better result. 2) A coarse tooth microplane is excellent for rapid and controlled zesting. The outer skin has the pigment and aromatic oils- with a microplane you can very easily control your depth so you don't get any pith. It also grates the zest thus giving more surface area for the alcohol to act on. When removing the zest- simply run it though a fine sieve- you can press on it in the sieve so you don't leave much alcohol in the zest. Someone mentioned a jelly bag- great idea. Then finish the filtering with a coffee filter. 3) I live in CA so I have access to all sorts of fun fruits. I've made limoncello with limes- not the big coarse green things in commerce but rather lovely small round yellow ones- that makes such a lovely variation on the theme. I've also tried it with Meyer lemons- another wonderful variation. 4) For anyone near the border of Mexico, or visiting there- Puro de Cana is even better than everclear and a lot cheaper. 5) Someone asked about doing the extraction in plastic containers. Remember that what you are doing is extracting- you can extract things from many plastics that you don't really want. Glass is far more stable material- it won't be giving anything up to the alcohol extraction. 6) If you can't easily get your hands on everclear- it is amazingly easy to transform an old pressure cooker to a simple still. You can get everything you need from the local hardware store- a threaded thermometer goes in where the pressure valve is and a copper coil off the place where the rubber failsafe is. With that it is really simple to take any cheap vodka and come out with everclear. You have to keep an eye on the temperature but you can't screw up badly since you are starting with something which is already safe, OK, and drinkable.

Nicole said...

I made my first batch of this over the past month and it came out just perfect! I am going to make a lot more for favors for my upcoming wedding in September. That being said - since we are not going to serve it on ice, but rather individual bottles - do you think it would be ok to store the large bottles in my basement and then bottle them individually as the date gets closer? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

MisplacedTuscan said...

I haven't tried to make Limoncello yet but your recipe has inspired me. During phase 1 (lemon peels in alcohol mixture) is any sort of special environment necessary or beneficial? For instance - should the vessel be stored in the dark (or should it be well lit), does it need to be kept cool (or warm), etc. Thank you in advance - and, although it will apparently be months before I enjoy the fruits of my labor, thank you for that too!

Patrick said...

Nicole- I keep my finished limoncello in larger bottles in a kitchen cupboard, with one bottle in the freezer. If you're going to pass out smaller bottles as party favors, you can bottle them at any time.

We just made another (fourth annual now) batch of limoncello, and it seems to keep getting better. We're using Meyer lemons from the tree in my back yard. This time, we also made a batch of "Tangelocello" from a Tangelo tree. I guess this is like "Aranchello" which is made with oranges. Same recipe, different fruit. Many guests thought that the flavor was even better than the lemon. Very much a personal thing.

The taste does gradually change as the booze ages, but after a few months I don't think it gets any better.

Using the grain bags, which you can buy at any home brewing store, saves a ton of time straining, and it's real easy to squeeze every drop of juice out of it.

Using the whole fruit obviously will not work the same. Just a lazy idea that someone suggested to me, I guess.

MadeByAPrincess said...

Thank you so much for this recipe! I mentioned you in my post this morning... with pictures of how I did it. Love your recipe! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to be given half a bushel of Meyers from a neighbors tree so i have a batch steeping right now. My Italian grandmother used only vodka (availability of much else is most likely the reason), and she zested the lemons with a plain old vegetable peeler. She would then turn the peels over and scrape out the white pith with a paring knife. It sounds time consuming but its really not, especially when you consider the time saving benefit of large peels later in the process. If you dont press down with the peeler too hard, you're not going to pick up a whole lot of pith to scrape out later. I also love the way these peels looked in the jar while steeping. HTH!!

Jen said...

Do you have any idea how much limoncello this will yield? I'm making it for wedding favors and I need to fill 60 10oz bottles.

Anonymous said...

I finally finished my batch of limoncello and added the syrup last night. We had to taste it right away and show it off and it was amazing. It is so much thinner than the store bought limoncellos. Does this recipe get thicker as it marries or does it stay thin? I enjoy it as it is so it doesn't matter to me. You have created a monster though, now my husband wants me to try other flavors...the neighbors do too!!

Bonita said...

I thought I would add an answer to someones question above. DO NOT USE any of the juice in the simple syrup. I did that as I had all that juice. It gives it a very cheap, imitation flavor. Ruined a whole batch.

D3 Bulletin Board said...

Just got back from Italy, Rome and then Positan,Capri and Ravello. I started searching for Limoncello recipes but they all sounded weak and sweet. I googled limo cello ever clear and saw your recipe. I immediately went shopping and while I was zesting my lemons I had what may have been a flash of genius. I decided to put the mix into my Foodsaver marinading container. It's going thru its 3rd run right now but after only two runs it had a very nice yellow color and a nice lemon flavor. I'm not sure how many more times I'll run it through tonight but I'm going to pullout about a cup and add the simple syrup. I'll let you know how it turns out. (I compromised on the all everclear or half and half debate and used 100 proof vodka and 190 Everclear).

CA Italian mama said...

I just bottled mine yesterday. It was "soaking" with lemon peels for about 4 months. I doubled the recipe... it came out a bit dark, more golden than yellow. Smells wonderful! Can't wait to try it.

SK from CA said...

I have just made a double batch, using a different recipe, with one batch being made with Everclear & one with 100proof vodka. I found that the Everclear batch started out cloudy, & after 90 days of aging, it cleared up some, but has cloudiness floating near the top in the small bottles. It tastes a little sharper than the vodka batch, so I'm going to combine them & see how that tastes. Don't like the cloudiness, though. Think next time I'll go back to the vodka. BTW, I used several layers of cheesecloth to strain; coffee filters took TOO LONG! I, too, am going to try orangecello, since we have orange trees in our yard, as well as the lemon tree.

MJ said...

I have two small lemon trees in pots that have yielded 24 very large lemons. I can think of no better way to enjoy them. I will have to wait for them to finish ripening but in a week or so I can try this recipe.

Thanks, MJ

Anonymous said...

This is one of the few recipes I have found that says add the syrup AFTER the peels are removed. This is the way to do it without losing syrup in the discarded peels. I think it also helps get rid of the cloudiness that,to me, looks cheap. Another thing that really improves the taste is All neutral spirits. No vodka. You can only get it from a distiller. Everclear is 2nd best. Search the web. Join a forum and make a local distiller friend. About the only way to get the very best primary ingredient.

Kate C said...

Great fun to make. I look forward to bottling in small decorative bottles & giving for Christmas gifts as soon as the sugar and the alcohol mix "marry" BUT there's a scum on the top of the limoncello. I'm hoping it's not mold, and that it's normal. Please let me know the sooner the better so I can come up with alternate gifts!

Jeff and Natalie said...

Kate C. I found a good site that speaks to cloudiness in limoncello and its causes ( I have had a batch go cloudy in the past and still be consumable. It just isn't as attractive as batches that come out clear. You might want to try filtering one more time and see if that clears it up. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love your recipe! We tweaked ours a bit and used less sugar the first batch and tried to make candied lemon peels out of the rinds, but they didn't turn out to well. After tasting the first batch it was too strong and we needed to add more sugar/water so we used the liquid we had boiled the rinds in and it came out perfect! The second batch we followed exactly and was also wonderful! Do you mind if I tag this recipe in a post on my blog? Credit your original recipe, but also add in some of the changes that I made for my own recipe?

Anonymous said...

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SusiRenea said...

Yes, and not anywhere near as delicious as my homemade version! Fortunately it was given to me do I did not have to pay for it.

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Anonymous said...

Just returned fro Naples where I purchases a bottle of "crème" Limoncello. When unpacking , I noticed a number of small black flecks floating in the surface. Any thoughts? Throw it out?

Jan P. said...

After I peeled the lemons, I juiced them and used the juice for lemon drops. Yum.

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Patricia Clark said...

My limoncello (brewed with everclear) for 45 days, added the simple syrup and it's been brewing another 20 days. I just tested it and it's very smooth but could use a more intense lemon taste. Could I add a little more zest for the last 25 days?

Paul Fontana said...

I've been using this recipe for years. I love it. Everyone loves it. Thank you.

Paul Fontana said...

BTW, I've added a jalapeño pepper along with the lemon peelings to some batches. It's quite good.

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Irina Aleynikova said...

Thanks for the recipe! I’ve used lemonade instead of the simple syrup before, have you tried that? Is it much different?

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