Thursday, March 23, 2006

Teruzzi & Puthod, Terre di Tufi, 04

We had this Teruzzi & Puthod, Terre di Tufi, 04 the other night with dinner. It was such a nice complement to the bucatini primavera and chicken stuffed with prosciutto crudo, fresh sage and Mexican white melting cheese.

On its own, this is reminiscent of the Vernaccia we had a few weeks ago, given that they're both from San Gimignano, although this is definitely more refined. The citrus notes were still present, but there was a stronger undertone of minerality. Natalie detected the crispness of apples as well. 88 points.

The label on this bottle is great too. It looks like a dining scene from a medieval tapestry, which is appropriate since San Gimignano is such a medieval hill town.


spn said...

What's the price on this wine? Just caught up with your recent postings. Hope to read more soon.

Jeff & Natalie said...

We got this one at Binny's in the $12-$13 range. It is a cut above the under $10 Vernaccia.

Anonymous said...

This is off the subject, but I found a nice white Trebbiano, a cheap Italian rotgut wine that was truly quite nice, considering the price. Have you tried a Trebbiano from D'abruzzo before? Just curious what you thought of it if you have tried it.