Friday, May 12, 2006

2003 Rondo Pinot Grigio

There's not a lot to say about this wine. It was a "value" buy at Cabernet and Company on Main St. in Glen Ellyn, Ill. This is super cute shop next to a great restaurant, Cabs, that used to be under the same ownership. This shop has a relatively small selection of wines, but it is well-balanced in terms of price, geographic coverage and types of grape. For $5, it's hard to critique this wine too much, but it tasted like a $5 wine.

The main characteristic was acid. It was very acidic and somewhat mineral-laden, although overall not a very drinkable wine. It worked OK as a weeknight wine. I'd give it a 78.

Natalie's Note: Jeff says he likes this better than a Three Buck Chuck, but I might disagree. I was disappointed because the woman at the wine store made me more hopeful that this was a real find.

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