Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sweets and Savories on Fullerton

This is not a current review of a restaurant we recently visited, but we dined at Sweets and Savories for Natalie's birthday earlier this year. It was an amazing Iron Chef-style restaurant. I ran across the menu I had jotted down and wanted to save it for posterity. We had the chef's tasting menu for $60 with no corkage fee. We brought a bottle of Montes Alpha Syrah.

I asked the server if I could have dishes without shellfish, so I had alternates on several courses, which explains why there are two listed below.

First course:
Foie gras mousse with pomegranate coulis and brioche

Second course:
Five mushroom soup with truffle oil
Mussels in lobster broth

Third course:
Seared butternut squash on ravioli filled with English peas and mint
Seared scallops

Fourth course:
Bluberry risotto with duck confit and pan sauce

Fifth course:
Organic beef tenderloin on yellow fingerling potatoes with maderia wine pan sauce, finished with truffle oil and shaved white truffles

Sixth course:
Baby arugula salad with shaved Grana Padano cheese and lemon-olive oil vinegarette

Seventh course:
White truffle ice cream

Eight course:
Dark chocolate terrine with fresh raspberries and raspberry coulis

Chocolate truffles served with the bill

Bread from Red Hen Bakery: white raisin/fennel and ciabatta

Everything was very good. My only criticism at the time was that the blueberries for the risotto should have been run through a food mill to remove the seeds as this upset the texture of the dish. Otherwise, it was great. I hope we can go back at some point.

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