Friday, January 22, 2010

Limoncello Margaritas

We discovered a new, tasty application for the most recent batch of homemade limoncello this evening … limoncello margaritas. As is often the case, necessity is the mother of invention. Planning on tacos for dinner and not having the requisite limes to make margaritas, tonight we experimented and found an innovative way to combine the best of Mexico and Italy.

For one drink, combine:
• Two shots tequila
• One shot limoncello
• One to one and half teaspoons sugar
• Half a lemon, juiced
• Zest from one half lemon

Add ice to a cocktail shaker and strain into a crushed ice tumbler. Nice!


Sheila said...

Mexitalia! Sounds tasty.

nhnoblitt said...

They really were good. Just sweet enough. And all the alcohols in one place didn't seem to bother me.