Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Limoncello Tiramisu

One of the best reasons to make limoncello (the recipe of which is by far the most popular post on our blog) is to use it in Lidia Bastianich's wonderful limoncello tiramisu recipe. This can be found in her book, Lidia's Italy or online at epicurious.

It is quickly becoming a holiday tradition to make for New Year's Eve dinner as I did last year. Memories of the lemon-y goodness spurred me to finish the latest batch of limoncello (straining, making the sugar syrup and bottling).

The limoncello was only the capstone to a crazy Italian dinner that included old favorites like the Tuscan bean puree crostini and saltimbocca alla romana, as well as some new experiments like a sformato di carote and pappa al pomodoro. I didn't love the new recipes and will probably turn to the cucchiaio argento next time.

Anyway. Happy New Year. Try the limoncello tiramisu the next time you have an Italian-themed dinner party. It works in the dead of winter just as well as in the summertime. Ciao!


nhnoblitt said...

This turned out great. It is so decadent yet refreshing. So you think it has more alcohol in it than regular tiramisu?

Sheila said...

The limoncello tiramisu was great as was the entire meal. Kudos again.

ndchef said...

"evaporate the alcohol"? I am stingy with my homemade Limoncello! why not just use lemon syrup?