Sunday, April 20, 2008

Life-changing events

We have not blogged in well-past forever since things have been so hectic for us. Natalie had previously blogged about being a pregnant foodie. Well, our future foodie, Nicolas Bryant, came more than three months prematurely and we've been camped out in the hospital for so long now. If being a pregnant foodie is tough, let me tell you, being a hospitalized foodie is even worse (and the husband of a hospitalized foodie). We subsisted on fast food and hospital fare for weeks and are still in the quicker is better phase now. When priorities change, you eat what you can, when you can. That said, we've managed some nice home-cooked meals in the interim, especially Easter Dinner with family and trying some new restaurants that I will blog on later. Natalie is able to have a little bit of wine or a beer with dinner every so often.

Through all of our chaos and anxiety, we are already planning for our future foodie. Natalie bought some really cute kids pots and pans from IKEA and we already had some other kids cooking tools including a Rachael Ray Furi knife. I know Nic's already been exposed to so many different flavors from Natalie and through her breast milk. We'll just be so happy when we can get him home and begin to let him try some of the food that we love.

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