Sunday, April 20, 2008

Indian Harvest in Naperville

We've been to Indian Harvest in Naperville on Odgen twice in the past month or so. We took my mom before she went back to Missouri and I think she liked it. Their sampler appetizer platter is really nice with a variety of veggies, chicken and lamb sausage. I really enjoyed their chicken tikka masala and chicken saag (spinach). The chicken vindaloo tasted good but it was red hot. Not even the multiple grande Kingfisher beers could cool that heat down. We ordered the regular naan and one with fresh cheese in it. Both were really nice and good to sop up the lovely sauces. The pre-meal papadums with chutneys (tamarind and yougurt mint) started everything out wonderfully.

If you like Indian and live in the Chicago suburbs, Indian Harvest is worth the trip there. The food is very authentic and isn't so reliant on the typical buffet aesthetic of more is better. They had a set-up for the buffet but we haven't seen it going for dinner so ordering off of the extensive menu ensures a super fresh, piping hot meal. The atmosphere is comfortable and subdued. Although the restaurant is set in an older strip mall, next to a Lover's Lane, the interior feels like a much nicer setting. The prices might be a little more than some of the Indian places on Devon that we love, but with what you save on gas, it's well worth the extra few bucks.

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Anonymous said...

Mom did like this restaurant so much so she hopped by the blog to see if you had posted anything new and to refresh a dusty memory of the restaurant's name so as to take your brother. I will let you know if it is still as good as the first time I visited.