Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gourmet Baby Formula

Of course a child of mine would want and need only the best. We are proud to have our son Nic home now for almost two months, and one of my top cooking priorities now is mixing up Similac Neosure formula. It not only has more calories than regular formula to help preemies catch up, but it also has a lot more of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals than you find in other formulas. And, you guessed it, it's more expensive. (If you are a mom with any Similac coupons or checks, let me know! I'll send you some coupons to trade from your wishlist.) We also have to add a special thickener, Simply Thick, to the recipe to make it nectar consistency. This is because his swallow reflexes are still immature and uncoordinated. It helps him swallow without aspirating the milk. It is a clear substance that comes out of a pump or individual packets. It doesn't taste like anything, except what you would imagine clear gel to taste like. Jeff has joked that if it weren't so expensive he'd use it to try to thicken sauces and other recipes. (I would love to know if anyone has done this!) But, nothing is too good for our Nic. So, we will give him gourmet formula and special thickener for now and save the exciting, more flavorful, food for when he's ready for solids.

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